E-commerce platform integration,

online shopping becomes a major trend

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Business Central) is based on the well-known Microsoft Dynamics NAV which both are capable to handle a high volume of complex data and activities. Since 1987, it has been implemented in more than 110,000 companies of all sizes operating in a variety of industries with over 160,000 customers and around 2.7 million users worldwide. The system consists of over 750 vertical solutions. Its flexible and scalable capabilities allow you to accommodate any new business processes and strengthen your business grows.

E-commerce platform orders doubled, lack of system and difficult management

With the advancement of technology, many Hong Kong people have gradually developed online shopping habit. A wholesaler of health products and skin care products decides to expand their sales channels to provide retail services on local e-commerce platform (HKTVmall). As orders rise sharply and the number of items per order is scattered, they need a solution to record daily orders and manage frequent inventory-in and -out process as well as stock levels.

Technology changes with each passing day, and management also keeps pace with the times?? ERP The system automatically imports sales orders and clearly shows the inventory level

Affected by the epidemic this year, not only have all walks of life been hit, but remote work has become the new normal. Small and medium-sized enterprises have realized that if they want to turn around flexibly, they urgently need to find ways to improve operational efficiency and maintain competitiveness. At present, in most companies’ daily operations, many processes still use traditional methods to input data and integrate. For example, when a quotation is opened, it must be sent to the customer as an attachment or by email. If it is complicated, it needs to be filtered; accounting Labor-intensive and regular tasks such as software input often lead to a lot of “human error”, which affects production efficiency and employee morale.

Cloud connection, remote management of different services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Compatible with multiple browsing systems and mobile platforms, it is an innovative cross-platform solution. Whether you are in the company or anywhere, you can log in to work and view information at any time, which is extremely convenient. This cloud system is also connected with different functions of Microsoft, such as the most commonly used Office 365, PowerBI for chart analysis, and artificial intelligence Microsoft AI. It allows enterprises to walk through various operations and manage business more on one platform. Smooth.

A.I.Analysis helps you simplify your workflow

With artificial intelligence, Business Central not only protects the company’s sensitive information, estimated cash flow and inventory, but also allows the boss to know the operating status at a glance, so as to make more appropriate decisions, improve customer service and guide employees to correct operations, and improve efficiency.

Inbound and outbound system with barcode scanner to quickly process inbound and outbound

At the same time, they are equipped with mobile barcode scanners and flatbeds to cope with the daily operations of the warehouse. When employees process receipts, picking and shipping in the warehouse, they simply scan the barcode of the product without logging in to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and the system can automatically adjust the order status and inventory. The operation process is convenient and convenient. Fast.

Smart price tracking system Observe rival prices and optimize sales strategies

In order to remain competitive, commodity prices are an indispensable factor. We have established an intelligent price tracking system to automatically track the daily prices of competitors of the same product on the e-commerce platform. The data will be stored in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, allowing merchants to know the price changes of other retailers as soon as possible, thereby adjusting sales Strategies to optimize pricing.

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