Operating a global business, many companies like our client have warehouses around the world. Managing goods delivery from supplier, from one location to another, and to customer, can be a complex matter. Since all movement was manually marked down on an outdated system of paper logbooks, the headquarters of our client in the US and their Hong Kong office did not have up-to-date information on the stock level in each warehouse.


To automate the process, we introduced a mobile handheld barcode scanner so that warehouse workers can update the quantity delivered, relocated and received with a quick aim at the bar code on the carton. The system then synchronizes the new information from the handheld with the ERP system at headquarters.

“Being able to see in real-time the stock levels at each warehouse and the progress of delivery makes it so much easier for us to plan shipments, ensure orders are met and replenish stock.”

– Shipping Manager


The integrated system of scanner software, middleware and ERP solution was implemented and running smoothly within two months. In addition, with the new system in place, warehouse workers no longer had access to order information which the company considered sensitive information about its business.