In the increasingly competitive world of online shopping, fast delivery is a key factor of customer satisfaction. Selling made-to-order products makes it even more challenging to keep a tight turnaround time while ensuring thousands of orders are made and shipped correctly each week.

Selling through multiple online sales channels, such as Amazon and Etsy, each with its own platform and system for displaying customer orders, the owner of the startup would manually copy and paste these orders onto a shared Google sheet to consolidate all orders. With a growing list and more and more data, the sheet became extremely slow to operate.


To solve this, we built a more advanced integrated system which takes the order request and automatically feeds this information into the company database. We also installed and configured a tracking software that seamlessly fits in with their business processes, complete with a tailor-made barcode scanner software.

“It looks so much more professional with a barcode. Customer ratings have shot up; the system eliminates human error and consequently delayed shipments and incorrect orders are close to zero. It even alerts us if an order has been pending for a certain amount of time.”

– Startup Founder


The system allows the user to keep track of the order status at a glance and determine if any follow-up action is required. With the process automated, it has freed up time for the owner to focus his efforts on building the company and seeking new opportunities and markets.