Chasing his dream, Michael branched out on his own. In the beginning, business was slow at his hair salon. But with attentive service and positive word of mouth, he soon had a fast-expanding client base. Yet, he could only focus on one single customer at his salon that affected his ability to reply immediately to customers trying to reach him.


We developed a simple-to-use smartphone booking app to ensure timely booking confirmation without the need to hire an assistant. For customers, they could see all available timeslots at a glance without having to wait for an assistant to read them all out. With a simple touch, a message is generated and sent directly to the customer confirming or declining an appointment booking.

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Many Michael’s customers often went abroad on business trips. This booking app had the added benefit of enabling them to make an appointment while abroad for when they return to town. The customers were not required to pay exorbitant international calling charges to make reservation via phone call anymore . The most intimate feature was its reminder function which greatly enhanced the overall customer experience. It helped Michael engage better with his clients while keeping up with appointments.

*The name of the above character is fictitious to protect customer privacy.