We are the first in Hong Kong to offer mInventory as a digital solution for growing companies. Compatible with smartphones (iOS and Android), mInventory fills gaps in conventional warehouse systems. It enables companies to keep track of service orders. mInventory is the latest warehouse management system that ensures swift and efficient inventory control and can be used in conjunction with scanner technology.

Why waste time keeping tabs on stock when you can be making them fly off the shelves?

This simple-to-use application can make these processes simple and more efficient:

  • Place shipment directly with sales orders and warehouse shipment notes;
  • Track your shipment with minimal fuss.
  • Stock taking made easy: Physical Inventory Journal function for scanning and recording warehouse items, automatic update of stock numbers both positive and negative;
  • View photos, description and barcode of item, inventory count, vendor information and location at a glance;
  • Transfer items between warehouses.
  • Auto-generate receipts from purchase orders and warehouse receipt notes;
  • Record and track easily by scanning serial or lot numbers;
  • Set a minimum level for system to automatically replenish stock;
  • System flexibly allows for receipt of surplus quantity and changes order quantity accordingly.
  • Search smarter and place orders better according to various categories such as barcode, item number or description, SO/PO number, warehouse shipment/receipt number;
  • Built-in support displayed in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English;
  • Voice/Video chatting function enables easy communication between warehouse and office;
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface with alerts and prompts;
  • Advanced mode shows fewer tips but with more detailed information;
  • Customizable to fit individual business needs and workflows; can be integrated with different systems.
  • Display and modify in real time service orders and related details;
  • Take and store photos of service site and later upload them to server in head office
  • Keep records of service confirmation, complete with customers’ signature made directly on portable device;
  • Receive immediate updates on service order amendments.


The barcode scanner by Xema Inc works smoothly with mInventory to offer a complete warehouse solution. Widely adopted by industry, it has been proved capable of handling heavy duty conditions.

mInventory accessory - Linea-Pro

Linea Pro®

Standard Features:

2D High-speed Imager
Li-ion Battery
Lightning Connector
Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR)

Optional Features

1D Barcode Reader
Encryption-capable MSR
Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) Reader
Bluetooth Compatible

The next-generation Linea Pro bundled with the latest models of Apple transforms warehouse management. Compatible with iPhone® 5/5S/5SE/6/6S/7 and iPod touch® 5/6. For more info, please visit Linea Pro®’s official page.
mInventory accessory - INFINEA® X

Infinea® X

Standard Features:

1D/2D Barcode Reader
Li-ion Battery
Lightning Connector
Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) Reader
Bluetooth Compatible

This ruggedized version of the iPhone/iPod platform stands up to the rigors of demanding environments common to warehousing and field services. Combining the functions of many devices into one, it brings new efficiency to even more industries, including healthcare. Compatible with iPhone® 5/5S/5SE and iPod touch® 5/6.For more info, please visit Infinea® X’s official page.

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