Dashboards gives you a brief picture of staff information. You can check your daily staff’s costs, staff member, shift and store to get an overview of working hours and budget. It helps you to analyze your employees’ performance. Then you can be sure that you are employing the right people for your business with the budget.



Analyze Performance and Staffing cost


The system helps you analyze your employees’ performance compared to your operational costs. All information is available in a central place, so you can quickly compare locations and time periods, analyze the cost of each employee by work code, shift, role, and compare this figure to sales information to see salary costs as a percentage of sales. You can easily compare locations and periods, and identify and solve possible errors.




In Employee Portal, staff members can view the work task, instruction and shift schedule. They can also send and receive messages, accept or decline work requests, ask for shift changes or time off and view manager’s response. The system immediately alerts managers to requests that need addressing, which they can accept or reject.。

Sales Commission


The system calculates and reports sales commission amounts, so you can easily reward best-performing employees.


LS Central 更表規劃

Roster Planning


LS Central can help you to plan the amount of human resources you need in each role for each shift based on sales forecasts, role budgets and external factors such as the weather forecast.

Fast Time Registration


Let employee clock in and out using employee cards, ID, eye scanners or fingerprint scanning at the POS.


Want to hear more about this complete LS Hospitality?

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Want to hear more about this complete LS Hospitality?

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