Kitchen Management

Clear Communication from POS to Kitchen and Back

With LS Central, whether the customer orders themselves or orders through the waiter, the server will send orders for all POS systems directly to Kitchen Display System (KDS) screens or printers.

All variants and special requests will also be printed, or displayed, clearly for your chefs to see. You can add as many printer stations as needed. Orders are printed in the sequence they arrive, with all relevant information, in the kitchen. The kitchen staff can then update the preparation status of each dish. The waiter receives a notification on the stationary and mobile POS warning that the dishes for his tables are ready to serve.

Kitchen Display System(KDS)


With a Kitchen Display System (KDS), your kitchen staff gets a clear overview of current and upcoming orders on screens in the kitchen and focus on food preparation. No more lost paper tickets, no ingredients wasted when the wrong dish is prepared because of hard-to-read handwriting.


Synchronized Dish Production


Ensure that all dishes in the same order are produced timely and delivered together. In the LS Central back office, you can set up and maintain a production time for each item. When an order is sent to the kitchen, the system will use the set production time to arrange items on the display stations, simplifying your chefs’ work.

Takeaway orders


The system simplifies takeaway by labelling to-go orders differently and queuing them in a special takeout order list at the KDS.


Want to hear more about this complete LS Hospitality?

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Want to hear more about this complete LS Hospitality?

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